"The wisdom of our sages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith."
~Thomas Jefferson


Deceitful insurance companies, medical bills, job loss, pain, and stress; these are all problems that can occur as the result of a personal injury. Nobody should have to face those alone.

State law requires that a person, when experiencing personal injury, must have their injuries attended to. To not do so may result in less or no compensation. Our experienced team of attorneys will slowly walk you through the process through our free consultation. Our clients are our priority. We will work together to ensure that you get the as much compensation as possible, and help restore your life.

McBride & McBride, attorneys at law, are experts in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense, DUI defense, family law, including divorce and child custody and personal injury matters.

It is crucial you seek medical assistance and obtain legal advice immediately after an

accident. At McBride & McBride, we can help you. Schedule your free consultation!


One of the most common cases we represent involves personal injury. Personal injury can have a very direct and devastating effect on everyday life. In order to regain normalcy, personal injury litigation requires quick and effective justice. McBride & McBride has handled multiple million-dollar recoveries for our clients. Our practice includes all injuries, from automotive to slip and fall. Our team will help get you what you deserve.


Here are some tips for dealing with personal injury:

Get medical help immediately.

Before making any claims, you must first get your injuries evaluated by a professional. Seek immediate medical care. Waiting could potentially lessen your compensation if it is decided you did not take the necessary steps to address the injury. This is called “mitigating your losses.”

Choose your words carefully.

Do not make any allegations as to who is at fault after the accident. You are not required to make such statements, and to do so could cause complications for your case.

Make sure a Police Report is filed.

Police reports are important documents in court. They provide crucial information about the case, including the details of the accident and contact information of the people involved. They can be used to advance your case.

If you don’t understand it, don’t sign it.

Make sure you understand the documents regarding the personal injury before signing.




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Keep track of all related expenses.

Keep physical proof of all expenses related to the injury. This can range from insurance forms to medical bills. You may also consider writing your own account of what happened, in order to prevent forgetting the details while in court.

Don’t wait too long to file suit.

There are deadlines for filing any lawsuit, and they vary depending on your situation. Be aware of these deadlines, and be sure not to miss them.

Don’t try to do it on your own.

It is important that if you are unsure of how to handle something, to get professional advice. We can help! Call us today and schedule a consultation.