"The wisdom of our sages and the blood of our heroes has been devoted to the attainment of trial by jury. It should be the creed of our political faith."
~Thomas Jefferson


Lastly, our law firm is very experienced in dealing with appellate law. It takes an experienced attorney to handle appellate litigation. The appeals process in Oklahoma can be very cumbersome. Without the proper knowledge and insight, an appeal can lead to nothing more than a dead end. Our team of attorneys has handled many appellate cases and knows the process inside and out.


McBride & McBride covers a wide variety of appellate cases. Let us help you.



In some instances, you may not agree with how something was done by another court or lawyer. Appeals are not handled by every attorney, since they have their own unique legal process. That’s not a problem at McBride & McBride. Together, we will help you not only understand this unique process, but will do all that we can to ensure that you are heard.

Some Information about Appeals:

An appeal may be reviewed if there was a mistake made during the original conviction. Generally, appeals are done through their own courts. However, this may be changed if the original court made a significant or obvious error, or if the court may have violated the constitution in their jurisdiction. In this case, an appeal may be made at a district court. Generally, an appeal is not argued orally, but through written briefs by each participating party.

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